The CHOICE program is centrally located on Northwest Highway in Crystal Lake. Its goal is full community-integration for participants. Whether through independent or supported employment, engaging in volunteer opportunities, or participating socially – participants who attend CHOICE are given the freedom to choose their activities day to day. By empowering program participants to become involved in their communities, they flourish as individuals, business people and neighbors


Home-Based Services provide eligible individuals and families with services and supports in the comfort and familiarity of their home and community. Clearbrook’s Home-Based Services program offers a variety of services to eligible individuals in McHenry County. Support services include but are not limited to educational, transitional, in home staff, clinical and supportive housing.


Community Employment Services provide opportunities for clients to learn valuable skills and the professionalism that translates into real world behaviors and work ethics. Job coaches are able to evaluate habits and work place readiness in a variety of fields and in multiple locations throughout the county.


Naturally Gifted is designed to offer vocational enrichment and hands-on skills training for our individuals. Participants follow a twelve-week curriculum that integrates classroom learning, hands-on skill development, and community job shadowing.The goal of the curriculum is to help clients be successful in work settings and strengthen employment-related skills. Clients then complete the program by doing an internship at Naturally Gifted, where they get to make products, do inventory, gain customer service experience, and more. All products are natural, organic, and made with therapeutic grade essential oils. Learn more by visiting or shop online at


Clearbrook offers Residential Services in 56 locations that range from one-person homes to an 80+ resident facility with 24-hour nursing care. These are not only living arrangements, but homes where services and supports are matched to the residents based upon their choices and individual needs.

Clearbrook opened its first CILA (Community Integrated Living Arrangement) home in Crystal Lake in spring 2018. This is home to six men. A second home in Crystal Lake opened in January 2019 and is home to six women. Clearbrook’s third home in Crystal Lake opened in June 2020 and it is home to six men.


Clearbrook and Options & Advocacy are proud to offer an opportunity for caregivers to enjoy a regularly scheduled break. Once a month for three hours, their child with developmental delays (birth to age 5) will have the opportunity to play, socialize, and create crafts in a supervised setting. Siblings are also invited to stay and play.


Clearbrook is always looking for new partners in the community. There are many volunteer opportunities waiting for you, events for you to attend, community connections to make, and much more. Please contact us to learn more.

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