MULTIFACETED. Clearbrook provides personalized children, community day, employment, home-based, residential, and clinical services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We care for an array of unique needs, from birth to end of life. READ.

REALIZING POTENTIAL. Clearbrook recognizes and develops the potential of the individual, programs, organization, and staff. READ.


FAMILY. Clearbrook is home to over 8,000 children and adults. We support them, and their families, by providing support across the lifespan. WATCH. 

COMMUNITY. Our goal is to help our individuals live the fullest lives possible within their community. Whether it’s going to work, building relationships with fellow community day services participants or CILA residents, the connections within Clearbrook and beyond are incredible to be a part of. WATCH.

TRUSTWORTHY. Our individual-first approach and six decades of experience have helped us to earn the trust of individuals, families, donors, volunteers, and others. 92% of our budget goes to programs and supports our mission. WATCH.

EXCEPTIONAL. We provide customized services to our individuals to best meet their needs. Our individuals are naturally gifted, our staff extraordinary. WATCH

Together, we are Clearbrook.


Clearbrook is one of the only organizations to deliver services for the intellectually and developmentally disabled in a multifaceted way, covering all ages, issues, and levels of severity. Our commitment to the community offers individuals the opportunity to form deep bonds, realize their potential, and live their fullest lives. Peers and staff become family and celebrate each individual’s exceptional qualities. Our professionalism, accountability, and individual-first approach engender trust

Clearbrook’s new brand serves as a beacon, focused on the future and what Clearbrook offers. This approach shows that Clearbrook is caring, compassionate, and embraces joy. Dynamic, vibrant, smiling. The brand conveys motion, integration, courage, and strength. We’re in this together, connected, a family, community. This brand refresh will hopefully excite, unite, and motivate the Clearbrook community for many years to come.

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