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Welcome to the Fueling Potential Project, Clearbrook’s innovative approach to further building upon our successful smaller programs for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs)

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Support the Fueling Potential Project and be a catalyst for change

Donate today to help us continue our mission of empowering individuals with IDDs to reach their full potential. 

By transitioning from a large warehouse-style program to additional smaller, equally successful settings, we’re committed to sustaining and enhancing the support, growth, and community integration that our participants thrive in. 

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At Clearbrook, we believe in empowering individuals with IDDs to thrive in environments tailored to their unique needsThrough the Fueling Potential Project, we’re setting the stage for brighter futures, one individual at a time.

Clearbrook will invest in three additional properties to accommodate three new day program spaces. The Getz building will be sold to help fund this.

Support The Fueling Potential Project And Be A Catalyst For Change! Donate Today To Help Us Continue Our Mission Of Empowering Individuals With IDDs To Reach Their Full Potential.

This provides more personalized interaction for our clients, and it lightens the load for our staff. New locations will have staff office space, offering an environment for staff to work productively. Unlike the current open areas where interruptions are common.

The current layout no longer functions effectively for the 150 individuals who attend these programs every week.

Studies have shown that individuals with disabilities do better in smaller settings, which allow for more individualized staff attention as well as less stimulation.

The new day programs will provide more opportunities for individuals to be integrated in the community. Each location will have several new activity spaces which can be used for multiple purposes such as games, dance, and other group activities.

This approach emphasizes accessibility, personalization, community integration, safety, efficiency, and sustainability, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for the individual while contributing to a more inclusive environment.



Program Participant

"I think of this space as our old workshop. A new space will help all of us be excited about coming to day program and to learn new things."



Program Participant

"I really enjoy cooking. I would like the challenge of learning how to do new things in the kitchen that can help me find a job in the community."

Caitlin Becerra

Caitlin B.

Director of Clearbrook Central

“New, customized facilities will help with staff recruitment and retention, as well as overall pride in our work."

Lacey And Sue

Lacey and Sue

Direct Support Professionals (DSPs)

"The new spaces will enhance our ability to perform our jobs effectively and work better as a team to serve the individuals in our care."

Financials for this project

This takes into account the needed square footage and our desired community locations.
Specific requirements must be met for the space to be licensed as a Community Day Services site.
Many of the items currently at Getz require updates or replacement.
After selling Getz, there remains a shortfall of $2,500,000 to obtain the three properties

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