Create a Living Trust for Free

Clearbrook invites you…

To learn how a Living Trust protects you and your family.

Next sessions will be held on:

  • Thur, May 28, 2020 11:30 AM Central Time
  •  Wed, June 3, 2020 7:00 PM Central Time

There is no cost to attend. All presentations will be virtual, taking place via Zoom.

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Did you know Living Trusts…

Can keep your estate from going through the high costs and delays of probate, and unlike a will that becomes public after your passing, a Living Trust offers total confidentiality and complete control over your assets.

In addition, Living Trusts can…

– Easily be set up
– Reduce or eliminate estate taxes
– Accelerate distribution of assets to family, friends and charity beneficiaries
– Be more difficult to contest
– Protect young families as well as older individuals

Did you know that without a Living Trust…

Up to 10% of your estate can be taken from your heirs and tie up your estate for nine months to two years or more. Incredibly, this will happen to 70% of all Americans.

Friends and family members are welcome to attend as well.

Event details – Attend with no cost or obligation.

Please join us to hear Dave Hess, Estate Consultant, present the advantages and benefits of Revocable Living Trusts and other estate planning vehicles.

FPM, a non-profit established in 1982 has been successful in removing the doubt and confusion surrounding estate planning and charitable donations. In addition, FPM makes sure that your desires are met, and that you and your family have peace of mind. Your estate plan is prepared free of charge through Clearbrook’s partnership with FPM.