Home-Based Services


What are Home-Based Services?

Clearbrook understands how challenging it can be to care for a loved one with a disability. Our Home-Based Services are tailored to provide eligible individuals and their families services and supports in the comfort and familiarity of their home and community with a goal of achieving as much independence as possible.

Program Highlights

  • Clearbrook’s Home-Based Services Program is the largest provider of home-based services in Illinois.
  • As a leader in home-based services, Clearbrook provides training and support to Service Facilitators/Self-Directed Assistants throughout the state through a network called the Home-Based Workgroup.
  • Clearbrook’s Home-Based Services Program serves over 1,600 families annually in over 180 communities throughout 16 counties in Illinois.

General FAQs

home-based support services WorkGroup

The purpose of the workgroup is to offer professionals in the Illinois Home-Based Support Services Program a dedicated online venue for networking, advocacy, information-sharing, and training on topics relevant to this program and the field of developmental disabilities.

The workgroup originated from the need for more peer mentoring and support and has grown to include over 50 agencies providing Self-Directed Assistance and Independent Service Coordination throughout Illinois.

It is a great opportunity to keep abreast of current happenings in the field of intellectual/developmental disabilities, especially as it relates to the Home-Based Support Services Program. Other benefits of the group include being able to post questions to your peers, locate resources, and learn about training opportunities.

The Workgroup has also offered over 80 informational and educational webinars on a variety of different topics including Understanding Benefits, What Exactly is Rule 51?, The Medicaid Renewal/Re-Determination Process, Future Planning, Special Education, Epilepsy & Seizure Disorders, ICAP Refresher, Assistive Technology, Autism Series, ROCS Overview, and many more. Additionally, a comprehensive resource list has been created and can be accessed by members.

Membership is valid for one fiscal year from July 1st – June 30th.

Annual membership includes:
• Regular updates on the HCBS and other relevant programs/services serving individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities
• Opportunity to exchange information with a large network of Self-Directed Assistant’s and ISSA’s
• Informational and training webinars
• Access to the Resource List
• Discount on Workgroup sponsored events

The annual membership rate for an Individual/Agency is $100.

To register online for membership in the HBSS Workgroup, click here.

Contact Info
For questions or more information please contact Michelle Schwartz at 847-385-5354 or mschwartz@clearbrook.org.