No family should face raising a baby with disabilities alone.  Your support makes it possible for Clearbrook to work alongside families like Bryson’s- to teach, guide and support them.

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After being born with multiple heart problems Bryson spent 40 days in the NICU.

April and Ryan were experienced parents, Bryson was their third child. “Before Bryson, we never had to be intentional about our children’s development.  There was so much to learn about how to support Bryson. Not only preparing for and recovering from open heart surgery, but also learning about Down syndrome and the Early Intervention therapists helped all of us.” Bryson’s speech therapist taught them how to have Bryson increase his intake of milk as his heart became stronger and he depended less on his feeding tube. He also learned how to express hunger cues as gaining weight was one of his first goals. In physical therapy, Bryson was sitting up unassisted by the spring after his open heart surgery and walking by 18 months. Together, Bryson with his family and Clearbrook therapist, achieved those goals!

Clearbrook was there to help Bryson’s family and continues to be there for other children who need life-changing services.  Now you can help us be there for other families when they need us.

  Now, at 2 years old, Bryson continues to meet with Clearbrook CHILD therapists to help improve his quality of life. 

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