Generations of Generosity

Generations of Generosity recognizes the generosity and thoughtfulness of individuals who have included us in their wills or estate plans to help ensure Clearbrook’s future (updated 09-12-17):

Anonymous (14)
Marie Adams and Tim Feltenberger
Lois and Thomas Allison
Sue and Mike Anderson
Mary Lou Anton
Mr. and Mrs. William Avallone
Linda M. Barrett
Marilyn Bassett
Elizabeth Chatel-Bernath
Jean and James Bernhart
Maura and Carl Bodo
Keralee and Jeffrey Boderick
Mrs. Beverly J. Bystricky
Michael Charmoli
Bonnie Chatel
Nanci Chesek
The Estate of Marjorie H. Corrington
Barbara and Carl Couve
Priscilla and Juan Cuba
Noel and Gail Daley
Cathie and Terry Dammeier
Stephen Darnstaedt
Nancy and John Dodge
Sandra and Perry Downs
Molly and Brian Dutkiewicz
Peter and Patricia Duwel
Tamara and Arthur Evans
Ana and Samuel Fernandez
Morris E. Fine
Denise and Gerald Fitzgerald, Jr.
The Estate of Anne M. Flanagan
Margarita Flores
Mr. and Mrs. David Foss
The Fogelson Foundation
Mary and Thomas Francissen
Ernestina Galvan
Peggy and Ruben Garcia
Rosa and Gordon Good
Hollis and Tony Gorrie
Margareta and Faustino Guerrero
Yvonne Gustafsson
Jayme Harris
Barbara and Larry Hayes
Sandie and Jim Hillock
Gayle Hillyer
Susan and James Hitchcock, Jr.
The Estate of Delbert Hohl
Mr. and Mrs. Strother Hollingsworth
Mr. and Mrs. Holvay
Steven Isackson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jochim
Pat and Vic Johnson II
Terry J. Johnson
Mrs. Mildred Johnston
Karen Jones
Ms. Susan Kaufman
Joan L. Kearney
Denyse Kerewich
Joanne Kluck

Richard Kluck
Ms. Susan Knoll
Carl M. La Mell
Dr. Daniel M. Laskin
Charlotte W. Lattof
BD and ST Lazzara
Lucia Lopez
Jan and Scott Lundal
Noreen Marian
Barbara Maring and the late and Paul Maring
Dr. S. Joseph Maurice
Pricilla Maves
The J. Mavraganis Family
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald McGraw
Kelly K. McGraw
Karen and Gary Meyers
Marcia and Gerald Milstein
Julie Muniz
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Murrath
Amy and Paul Nigro
Joni Nowicki
Connie and Jack O’Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Richard O’Connell
Dr. Jan O’Malley
Bev and Andy Ostrowski
Mr and Mrs. Vincent Ottolino
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Pearce
Mr. and Mrs. Peterson
Mr. Pozniak
Denise and Russell Rau
Susan and John Rendant
Linda and David Riley
Sylvia and Glen Roe
Mary Rooney and Jack Macholl
Linda and Brian Rubin
Anita and John Russell
Mr. and Mrs. James Scatena
Carol Schar-Sellards
Edwin F. Schmitt
Mr. and Mrs. James Shoffner
Carrell Smith
Isabel and Henry Smogolski
Eugene R. Sokol
Kathy and Rick Stiles
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Straka
Richard Struggles
Walter Suhr
Jose F. Tejeda
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. M. ten Brink
Mr. and Mrs. John Terrelli
Charlene Van Sickle
Annie Wang and Ken Chen
David C. Waring
Ms. Laurie Wilkey
Doris R. Williams
Amanda and Glenn Windom
Tina and Dave Yurik
Pam and Steve Zebich
Renee and Duane Zellner

If you have identified Clearbrook in your estate plan and are not listed here, please call 847-385-5014. We would be honored to include your name on the Generations of Foresight page in future annual reports.