Employ Our Clients

It is simply good business.

It’s simply good business to hire motivated, reliable and trained individuals who are dependable to do a job well and wanting to come back the next day.

Through Clearbrook’s Community Employment Services, clients demonstrate work behaviors and skills that mirror the business community. Whether on- or off- site, here is what you can expect from tapping into the valuable resource:

  • Completion of your job at a competitive rate
  • Dependable, high-quality workers with superior attention to detail
  • Chance to help clients gain independence and marketability

Like everyone else, our clients like to earn a paycheck. Without a doubt, the money is well deserved.

It’s good business to create opportunities for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities to do the job they are trained to do with the immense support Clearbrook has for clients and businesses in the community.

Clearbrook prides itself in finding the right client for the right business. Whether your need for employees is in the retail, manufacturing, clerical, restaurant or janitorial industries, or any other field of endeavor, Clearbrook clients will work to get the job done.

It’s good business to become involved with Clearbrook, an organization that has created opportunities for persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities since 1955.

To learn more about how employing our clients is good for your business, please contact Ilene Rosenberg, Director of Community Employment Services, at 847-385-5395 or irosenberg@clearbrook.org.