Partners In Potential

Give Monthly

The Clearbrook community of individuals form strong family-like connections among themselves and with staff in our various settings. Giving monthly is a unique way you can integrate into, and give back to, our community.

  • You will be a part of Clearbrook providing inclusive, evolving, and customized services for all of our individuals.
  • By committing to make a monthly gift, you will join an exclusive group of Partners in Potential.
  • You will enrich individuals’ lives by helping them obtain the best quality of life.
  • You will help individuals be as self-sufficient as possible.
  • You will be a part of transforming the lives of our individuals. Clearbrook provides support and customized programs that stimulate and foster emotional, intellectual, and vocational growth.
  • You will be a reason Clearbrook’s programs expand individuals’ potential and celebrate successes in their life’s journeys.

Be a part of the positive outcomes realized through increased enthusiasm, energy, vitality, joy, sense of belonging, and value. Become a Partner in Potential.