Calling All Friends

Take Action – Be an Advocate for our Clients

In 2009, Clearbrook launched the “Calling All Friends” campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to encourage friends to ask friends to call their legislators and ask for increases in funding for the field of intellectual/developmental disabilities. The State of Illinois is ranked dead last in the country (50th out of 50 states) in terms of funding. We need to do something to change this ranking — and we need your VOICE to make it happen.

Now is the time to affect change within the developmental disability field. Indeed, the current condition of the economy – as well as the State of Illinois – has left Clearbrook and our industry-at-large with more legislative needs than ever before in our half-century history. We cannot fight this fight alone.

Please join our “front line” for securing a solid future for Clearbrook and the over 8,000 people with disabilities we serve annually by joining our grassroots campaign – Calling All Friends. Front line members have two responsibilities:

1. Email and/or call your legislator when needed by Clearbrook.
2. Form a “second line” comprised of people of your choosing who will also email and/or call their legislator.

The time commitment is minimal (i.e., less than 10 minutes) and could translate into a better tomorrow.

Strength is in numbers and together, we can make a world of difference. Use your voice to help Clearbrook as a member of the Calling All Friends campaign.

To join Calling All Friends, just enter your email address here.

Once you’ve joined, we will send you an email when we need you to take action. Click here to see if Clearbrook needs your help now.

Thank you for your continued support!