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Advocacy can take many different forms, but it all boils down to helping advance Clearbrook’s mission to enrich the lives of the individuals we serve. The main goal of our new advocacy initiative is to get everyone, from families and staff to volunteers and donors, more involved. Clearbrook is one of the only organizations to deliver services for this often-overlooked population in a multifaceted way, covering all ages, issues, and levels of severity. We are essential to the lives of thousands, providing personalized children's, community day, employment, home-based, residential, and clinical services to those entrusted to us. Clearbrook cannot do this without your support. Together, we can advance our policy initiatives, further empowering those we serve to embrace their potential.


  • Calling or emailing your legislators to let them know that intellectual and developmental disability (ID/DD) issues are important to you.
  • Keeping up with Clearbrook’s policy updates and communicating our priorities to legislators.
  • VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Voting for candidates who prioritize ID/DD issues is a surefire way to advance our goals in Springfield.
  • Telling your family and friends about these issues and why they are so important.
  • Attending Clearbrook events.

Quick Facts


of providers have had to close agency homes due to staff shortages


More than 14,000 Illinoisans are on a  waiting list to receive disability services


Illinois is more than $170 million below the Guidehouse-suggested level of investment

$170 Million

Empowers adults with intellectual/ developmental disabilities through diverse weekday programs, fostering interaction and growth within structured settings.


DSP Wages have only increased by $0.50 more than minimum wage in the past two years


of providers have delayed plans to expand services due to staff shortages

Clearbrook relies on the state of Illinois for 73% of our total funding.

We have several regulatory and policy goals that will help benefit the organization as a whole and the 8,000+ individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities entrusted to us. They deserve the absolute best care to live their fullest lives possible.


Clearbrook partners with several organizations that share the common goal of improving the resources and services provided to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities so they are able to live their best lives. 


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