About Us

During the Fall of 1955, a small group of parents began meeting with hopes to establish a school for their special needs children. Soon after, on April 16, 1956, Clearbrook was born when the doors of our first classroom opened. Designated as the "Rolling Meadows Community School for Retarded Children Council," we were originally housed in a barn before our first permanent building was acquired in 1961.

We serve people over a range of ages and disabilities from children diagnosed with developmental delays at birth to the unique needs of seniors with disabilities and all ages in between.

Today, Clearbrook:

  • Supports over 7,000 individuals and their families annually
  • Serves 14 counties in over 160 communities in Chicago, the suburbs, and northern Illinois.
  • Provides services at over 50 locations.
  • Employs over 900 full-and part-time staff.
  • Is the largest provider in the state of Illinois of home-based services.
  • Has an administrative overhead of 8% - well below the industry standard of 15-25%.
  • Is licensed, certified and/or accredited by the Illinois Department of Human Services, the Illinois Department of Public Health, the Illinois Office of Rehabilitation Services, SourceAmerica and the US Department of Labor.
  • Receives approximately 70% of our funding from the government.